The point of reference for telephony retailers

Increase sales from your retail phone shop and the loyalty of your customers thanks to our products and services!

Defonia offers complete solutions for managing the collection and sale of used and reconditioned phones. They provide the service to mobile operators, corporate resellers, companies and in particular telephony retailers, thanks to a system of real-time management of smartphone and tablet prices through a dedicated management system

One of the first and largest operators in the Italian recommerce market, a real reference point for the distribution of used cell phones but also a provider of services and solutions for any business interested in the collection and resale of used telephony products.

Our Company operates in distributing anti-theft systems for smartphones and tablets to mobile phones retailers. We also provide innovative solutions for the use of tablets like Information and Payment POS Kiosk.



We have also developed a web based management system to support the sales point in the management of the sale of used smartphones and tablets by providing real-time quotes, statistics, legal documents and many other functions essential for phone shops.


Given our long experience in repairing and reconditioning smartphones and tablets, we periodically hold courses for smartphone and tablet repair technicians.


We believe that the set-up and protection of cellular displays in stores are fundamental, and therefore we provide free touch solutions such as anti-theft systems for smartphones and tablets, display bases with alarms, access control gates and video surveillance systems.